Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Christmas to All!

Well, that wraps up Christmas knitting and Crocheting!

The snowflake pillow is done.  My six-pointed snowflake (from the Let It Snow Doily by Susan Lowman) was smaller than the one in the pattern (Cheery Cushions by Regina Rioux Gonzalez), so I opted to put the snowflake off-centre for fun.  I really enjoyed crocheting this pillow, but I think my poor sewing skills are the only problem with it.  Ah well, it's only slightly crooked. 

I always enjoy settling into a bit of crochet; it makes me feel warm and comfy.  Also, it's nice and speedy, so it's quite nice to watch the work progress when you're on a deadline. 

It's just the right colour and motif, so I think my sister-in-law will like it.  It's pretty soft and cushy too, so that'll help.

It's mostly just wrapping now, though I do have to find some time when the kids are not around to sew up some curtains for their brand-new puppet theatre that my husband is building.  Hopefully we can get a lot done on that tonight; it's the one thing left that could get stressful. 

Other than that, sock knitting for the January birthday is going well, the baking is done, the grocery list for Christmas dinner is made and meals are planned, so things are going more or less according to plan.

Merry Christmas!  Have a great holiday, everyone!


  1. Susan8:15 am

    Your snowflake pillow looks great! I love the way you integrated the snowflake and pillow patterns. Merry Christmas!
    Susan Lowman (aka: the snowflake designer)

  2. The pillow is so pretty!
    Gleðileg jól! (Merry Christmas in Icelandic)

  3. Love the pillow!! The snowflake is the perfect touch;P