Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hooray!  The Whistler Tuque is complete.  It was still a bit tight when I tried it on, but after a wash and a gentle stretch, it fits my husband just fine, so it should also fit my brother.  I drew my brother's name for Christmas this year, and wanted to make him something to wear for when his trip to Vancouver to watch Olympic Hockey.  I liked the idea of knitting this pattern, originally designed for the 2005 Canadian Alpine Ski Team by Dale of Norway, as it was Olympic in theme (especially as Whistler is a big part of the coming games) without being the same as the Official Souvenir Hats.

Even with all the re-work on this one, I had a great time knitting it, though I think I’ll stick to two colours per row instead of three for awhile. After a bit of a break, I may be ready to knit the matching sweater for my husband.  I'm exceedingly pleased with this hat.  Now, just a pair of socks, a monkey and a pillow, and then I'm done with Christmas knitting.

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