Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Dog Leg-Warmers

Really, there's not much to say about the project, but while I was having trouble falling asleep last night, I did some math and realized that for even such a quick and small project, there will be near 4000 stitches involved.  I plan not to think about the number of stitches needed for my husband's vest that is being worked in fingering weight yarn, and just be glad that it does not have sleeves.  I mostly wanted to post again today so that I can see if the title works this time, or if it still displays on Ravelry as such: "margin: 0pt 10px 10px 0pt; float" etc.  Anyway, I have to go stop my daughters (aged 3 and 1) from eating last year's Lee Valley catalogue, so that's enough writing for the moment.

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