Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Few Things

First up: By next week Wednesday, you'll want to have subscribed to my newsletter, because there is a subscriber-only coupon going out! How to subscribe? There's a form off to the right of this post, or follow this link:

Next up: I'm going to be a vendor at the Edmonton Fibre Frolic! If you're in town, you can come on by to purchase patterns in person from me, and enjoy shopping the event for fibre, yarn, notions, patterns and tools from some great vendors!

In the meantime: I finished a thing! My Mother-in-Law brought me some lovely Mohair bouclé from Cushendale Woollen Mills back with her from Ireland, and last summer, when I needed a serious break from making things for work, I started knitting a lap blanket with it.

Last weekend, I finished it up, and it looks like this:

I'm pretty pleased with it, and it does a great job of keeping me warm while I work at the computer downstairs!

Last for now: I'm participating in the #yarnlovechallenge on Instagram, which is a lot of fun! There are daily prompts, and I'm enjoying posting my responses. Would love to see what you're doing if you're participating too! I've been finding it a great way to really spend time thinking about what I love about yarn and what I do for work. It's important to be reminded, because there is a definite downside to making your hobby your job, and that even if I have days where I am tired of the knitting or the writing, that I still love the essential parts of making things with yarn, and, of course, the yarn itself. You can find and follow me on Instagram as: jessiemckitrick.

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