Thursday, March 09, 2017

Spring Cleaning (Even Though Spring is a Good Month Away Yet)

So, despite the weather looking like this:

I've been doing a bit of Spring Cleaning.

I've sorted through my pattern samples.

I've sorted through both my personal stash and my work stash. This one is my work stash (during and after), along with some of my personal stash that ended up there by default because it's just where I do my knitting and spinning.

Speaking of spinning. I've also been doing a bit of that (and bought a new spindle from Danware!) and some swatching, which I can't show you yet.

I also can't show you the top-secret project that I recently sent off, or the yarn that I have coming in the mail, but I do have a sneaky peek of one project that I will be sharing next week in my newsletter, so if you're interested in seeing what I'm working on, please subscribe! To subscribe, follow this link here.

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