Friday, September 09, 2016

What I Knit on My Summer Vacation

Next week will be my first full work week since June. It's not that I haven't worked during the summer, but things have slowed down quite a lot for while the kids were off school. Before we went camping, I shared what I was bringing with me to work on.

Here's what happened with that:

So, left to right:

-Socks knit with my handspun that I couldn't finish because I ran out of yarn too soon. Also, found it's not suitable for socks for a variety of reasons (which I suspected but ignored, since hey, they're just for me and I want to make them anyway). Any ideas what I should make with pink striped yarn? I could use a few suggestions!
No pattern for these, mostly just wishful thinking. I did swatch, but I didn't weigh the swatch or do any calculating, so I guess that's how it goes.

-Thrummed mittens. Still just one mitten. I prepared enough thrums for the second mitten, but brought the wrong needles with me, and still haven't gotten around to casting the next one on.
Pattern: Thrummed Mittens by Jennifer L. Appleby

-Chihuahua mittens: Cast-on second mitten, finished the braid (I changed the cuff slightly by adding this), stopped there.
Pattern: Tiny Dogs mittens by Therese Sharp

-Nephew's sweater: Finished! I wove-in the ends, and sewed on two buttons. I brought it with me to last week's knitting group session, and when I jokingly suggested one of the other members could sew on my buttons if she was between projects, she surprisingly enough said that she loves sewing on buttons, and did so. I am very grateful!
Pattern: Calaway by Jenny Wiebe

-Other Socks for me: Finished! I've even worn these a few times since. I'm running low on socks, so it's nice to have made some for myself. I even finished these on time for Carolyn's Summer Socks Kal, which made this even more fun.
Pattern: GG by Carolyn Macpherson 

What's up next? There's a whoooole lotta swatching going on:

Also, in the meantime, for September, I'm doing a drawing challenge in which I draw a sheep a day and then post them on Instagram using #sheepsketchaday. You can find my Instagram feed under @jessiemckitrick

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