Thursday, January 21, 2016

In Point Form

Things that have been happening since last I posted:

-Christmas (which was lovely, and in which I had a chance to enjoy spending time with family).

-I worked on work, and made my deadlines for a couple of submissions and a sample, and nearly finished another sample (which is on schedule for the deadline).

-I bought Fibre: Texel, Romney, Polypay, Corriedale and Ramie (all but the last from

-I have spun a bit of: Romney, Alpaca (a Christmas gift from my Mom), Ramie, Cotswold, and Gotland.

-My youngest made her first yarn! (I helped manage the amount of twist entering the fibre as she drafted, and mostly managed to keep myself from assisting with the drafting).

-I am knitting, a scarf (pictured below) for my New Year's Knitting (why make resolutions when you can just pick something to knit for yourself?), using my handspun from this post:

-I sprained my ankle playing soccer and am hobbling around on crutches (but it is getting better; I could just fit my boot on over it today!).

-I finished test-driving this Dorset swatch, and have less extensive notes than usual, but here they are in brief:

Breed: Dorset
Weight: Worsted (handspun)
Stitch pattern: Stockinette with Garter Border
initial thoughts: Goodness this is elasticy and bouncy! Rather dry and raspy to the touch though. (audibly raspy)
observations: The swatch is somewhat fuzzier and the purl bumps are somewhat flattened. Very little pilling (just a wee bit at the very edges). Still rather dry and raspy to the touch, and swatch is rather more cohesive now.
would use it for: I think this yarn would be nice for blankets, and for anything requiring good elasticity and sturdy woolliness. Outerwear would be a good bet as well.

-I forgot to eat lunch todasy, so I'm off to do that now!

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