Tuesday, December 08, 2015


My family was sick over the weekend, and really, I still am not quite 100%, so I'm not up for much today. Since I took yesterday off (not being well enough to get any actual work done), I didn't really want to take today off too, but I'm definitely having to keep things to a light bit of work, or I probably won't be much use tomorrow either. So, I'm sticking with a bit of swatching.

Really, it's more of a re-swatching. I know lots of people would rather skip the swatch and head right to the project, but swatching can do so much to save you so much trouble in the long run. In this case, I'm starting to suspect from my grading spreadsheet that I should really double-check my gauge for accuracy, since it seems like a lot of stitches for the thing that it is (sorry, can't be more clear! Top secret and all that.) I've made a small change to the stitch pattern, but even small changes can make big differences over lots of stitches. 

The deciding factor was when I remembered I will need to change needles for the actual sample from the ones I swatched with the first time so that I can fit the whole thing on the needles. Both sets are labelled the same size, but I have learned the hard way that there can be a very small difference between needles of the same diameter that will impact your gauge enough that it is noticeable. 

So, to be sure, it's time to re-swatch, so long as I can find those needles in this lot...

In other news, while Xmas gifts are ongoing but secret, my Dorset swatch is blocking at the moment, so expect a swatchalong post soonish!

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