Thursday, December 03, 2015

Pinkety Pink Pink

I started a project in October that I've been meaning to share this whole time, but I've been having a hard time finding the energy for blogging lately. I usually do find a bit in December because there are, despite so many secret projects, so many things to share, but rather than simply launching into Christmas, I thought I'd share the finished October to December project first.

Rather spontaneously, (and entirely forgetting that I'd wanted to buy a second batch of Stroll roving before dying it so that I could have more yarn in the end), I decided to play with some pink.

I prepared the roving by soaking it in a vinegar solution (I can't remember how much vinegar, but a moderate amount, anyhow).

Next, I prepared the dye by adding a good dollop to hot water and very slowly adding a little bit of vinegar (the second time. The first time I sorted out that I wasn't adding it quite slowly enough, as the dye broke, and that wasn't the plan). 

I added the dye to a series of bowls as evenly as I could. I wanted pink and white stripes, so I left a fair bit of space in-between.

After the dye was soaked up, I wrapped the whole thing in plastic wrap (which I try not to use very often otherwise), put it in a crock-pot, and heated it in the microwave.

I rinsed it, and was pleased that there was little to no bleeding, and that the colours had mostly stayed put in their stripes, though I didn't mind the bit of mottling here and there.

I took my time spinning it up; it was entertaining contrasting it with the more rustic wools I was spinning at the same time on the other spindle, as this stuff feels much like spinning a rather springy bit of fluffy cloud.

Chain-plied and after a bath, here is the resulting yarn! There will be stripes in whatever on earth I make with this. It's all very satisfying, and also feels nice to tie something up before everything gets crazy-busy.

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