Monday, November 02, 2015

Lincoln Swatch Part 2

Here's my completed Lincoln swatch!

The resulting yarn is creamy-coloured, fuzzy, and drapey. Some areas are over-plied, and don’t feel as nice to wind or knit with, but most of it is quite pleasant to the touch.While it’s softer than I would expect for what I had read of Lincoln, it is definitely not baby-soft. Washing definitely increased the halo on this swatch, and it already had quite a bit. I wore the swatch in three places over three days. I found that I barely noticed it at all pinned into the waistband of my jeans or in the leg of my jeans/inside my sock. I noticed it a fair bit more inside my sleeve, where it prickled occasionally. I didn’t notice much change to the swatch at all.

After another wash, I wore the swatch pinned inside my shirt at my side all day, where the prickle did call itself to my attention fairly often, but was mostly tolerable most of the time. It helped that it was just on the one side; I don’t think I’d have found it as tolerable in a full top worn next-to-skin. Despite all the fuzziness, there is still a bit of the lustre showing, but less than there would be with a worsted prep and longer staple.

Throughout the process, the swatch has not changed much except for the increased halo. No signs of pilling so far. The swatch is drapey, sturdy, and, while softer than I would have thought, not quite what I would want for next-to skin use. Someone with less sensitive skin would likely be fine for a number of uses. I am inclined to consider this yarn not-quite typical for Lincoln, based on my reading, so would be interested in trying Lincoln from other sources to compare.

I think this yarn would hold up quite decently over time. I’d be inclined towards using it mainly for outerwear (coats and cardigans) if spun to a heavier weight, or lighter layers as it is. Could be used for next-to-skin in less sensitive areas by those with a higher tolerance for prickliness than myself.

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