Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Very Brief Update

Hi, just a quick update today!

I would like to congratulate Scarpetta1, who won a coupon for a free pattern of choice from my Ravelry shop. The coupon is good for one year, so patterns that are not yet uploaded will be available as well to her; looking forward to seeing what she chooses.

My camera won't talk to my computer at the moment, so I can't share any photos right now. So, please believe me when I say that Spring is finally here in Edmonton even if I can't offer a glimpse of the crocus and tulip that have bloomed in the past week.

I also am pleased to have a new nephew! The family is busy scuttling around getting ready to welcome him home, so the week should continue to be busy. He came a very wee bit early, so I haven't managed to get my sewing done for him yet (I'm just stitching up some burp cloths so far anyhow). I'm planning to knit up a 9-month-old size sweater for him for Christmas, and would love to hear your suggestions for patterns!

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