Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas! Also, Sewing Notions.

Sorry, no pictures today; I haven't finished that one last thing yet, and am hurrying off to do so in just a minute. Hoping to knit like the wind. The project is so close that I'm sure I can do it...

I do have a very quick last-minute list for anyone shopping for a sewer. Many of these are great stocking stuffers in both size and cost. Head to your local fabric shop and head to the notions section. These things were all things that I was either grateful to have on hand or wished I had on hand during sewing over the last few days, (so I thought, who knows, maybe one day someone will be grateful for the list of ideas for whoever they may be buying sewing supplies):

-walking foot
-seam ripper (a spare one for when the other goes missing)
-thread snips
-tailor's ham
-bias tape maker
-non-slip mat to keep the pedal from running away
-a variety of needles for the machine (check the model type first) so your sewer always has the right one, fresh and sharp.
-a loop turner couldn't hurt either

Hope you're all finished making any gifts you are making, and are enjoying the next few days with a bit of relaxation, fun, food, and good company (and ideally a bit of nice wool).

Merry Christmas,


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