Thursday, December 11, 2014

Floral Heart Mittens

I've been looking forward to sharing these mittens with you for a long time! 
©Dan Walmsley for Practical Publishing, used with permission
Most of you will know that I love stranded colourwork, and of course, Norwegian-style mittens are some of my most favourite things of all. So, when Knit Now put out a call for a Scandinavian-themed issue, I got swatching and sent in a proposal to make these Floral Heart Mittens. The issue is full of lovely colourwork, and has a great primer by Karie Westermann (who blogs over here) on the different varieties of Scandinavian knitwear (also, she designed lovely things for the issue too, as did many other designers, so why not check out the Ravelry preview to see all the lovely things?).

©Dan Walmsley for Practical Publishing, used with permission
I was so very pleased to be able to work with Jamieson & Smith Shetland Heritage yarn for these mittens. It has such a lovely and satisfying squoosh to it, feels lively to work with, and knits up with a soft hand while still feeling durably woolly.

Issue #42 of Knit Now is on sale today at

Also, I've been interviewed in conjunction with the Independent Designers Gift-Along 2014, so please enjoy at this lovely blog here: thelittletreasures interview. I'm just tickled pink to be able to share so much great news today!

Now to get started on Christmas knitting (yes, that's right, started; sometime next week I'll let you know just how far behind I am).


  1. It was really nice to read your interview on little treasure blog.
    And unappreciated to discover another Canadian knitter not to feel alone in part of country!!
    I really love your creations.

    1. Thank-you so much! I enjoyed taking a look at your blog today. Always nice to hear from fellow Canadian crafters as well! :)