Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Odds and Ends

OK, first things first: My eldest made the cutest robot out of pipe-cleaners, feathers, googly eyes and a cotton ball, so I must show it off!

Isn't it great?

Now, I've been busy knitting samples, preparing submission proposals, and writing patterns, about which of course, I can't say a thing at present.

But, I'm also spinning! I took a bit of time to ply the leftovers from the Cotton Candy Corriedale, both with itself, and with leftovers from the Pink Corriedale. My youngest would also like a shawl, so hopefully this will round out in quantity what I have of the Pink yarn that I had spun up. She'd like a shawl a bit like her sister's, only rectangular, so we'll see what I can come up with once I have a bit of time to cast things on, but I plan on using these two yarns with the Pink.

My birthday shopping trip to Pam's Woolly Shoppe resulted not only in a new spindle, but in a somewhat impulsive buy of Rainbow Leicester Locks.

Luckily, Vanessa from By the Fibreside was not only willing to teach me how to flick card these, but was also willing to lend me a flick carder. I have sorted the locks by colour, and have set aside the red, brown, black and pinkish grey bits for the next batch. I decided to work with the blues, yellows, and greens for a start. Unfortunately, a fair bit of the yellow locks looked pretty much felted, and could not be separated nicely from each other, but there was enough to get a fair bit of yellow into the mix anyhow.

I tried to make an Andean Plying Ball, but managed to lose my starting end, so had to separate things into two balls after all. I managed to ply the singles, (or overply them somewhat, I think). It's not, in the end, the sort of thing I'd be inclined to use for anything intended as next-to-skin, but I like looking at the yarn anyhow.

Ideas I'm tossing around include clutch purse/bag or table runner. It's somewhere between a laceweight and a light fingering. Any ideas for me?

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