Friday, September 05, 2014

In Which I go Shopping and Finish up a Shawl.

The other day, I did a bit of shopping. A local fibre and yarn business, Flannelberry Creek, held a pop-up shop too near to me to pass up a visit, except I was still having trouble deciding whether or not to go, having just recently enlarged my stash courtesy River City Yarns. Of course, I had heard, on the By the Fibreside podcast, about the Flannelberry Creek Custom Batt Bar, and, at Tuesday night knitting, Vanessa from By the Fibreside quite rightly encouraged me to make the visit, and I was completely convinced.

I'm also quite convinced that even if I had never tried spinning, I would have wanted to buy a custom batt. It was like an ice-cream sundae bar where you can pick the flavours (corriedale, in a wide variety of colours, in my case, oranges, cream, and a touch of browny-grey for depth) and the sprinkles (a variety of add-in fibres, such as silk, bamboo, sea-cell, milk, angelina, and probably other things I forgot. I picked milk and golden angelina).

I'm so very pleased with my new batt. I've named it Creamsicle, and bring it out to pet now and again, but will have to finish a few major projects before I can give it a whirl. Carrot might also be an apt name for that reason!

On the finishing front, I do have something else completed at least! I finished my daughter's Citron shawl that I have knit up from my handspun. She has been wearing it a fair bit; I had to steal it back to weave in the last end, and wait until she was at school to actually block it. Now to start on one for my younger daughter! I have the yarn plied, washed, and waiting for its turn in the queue.

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