Monday, February 03, 2014

In Which I Spend the Day Knitting

I spent most of Friday knitting while watching Downton Abbey (just started watching it the other day, so not terribly far along just yet), and, well, doing laundry and things like that.

In the evening, I was only three rows away from finishing the hem trim on St. Moritz when my husband asked how it was going. I laid it out flat for him to see the shaping and where it had gotten to when I noticed something.

See that?

The tab for the buttons is dead centre. In the pattern, it's pictured on the front of the right hip.

We both agreed that this needed fixing, though I took the opportunity to try it on for length and shaping before ripping back the hem, and I'm quite satisfied with the fit and length. Trying it on confirmed with no room for doubt the button tab's location as ridiculous.

I don't know if I started the round in the wrong place after setting up the sweater for work in the round, but if I had that in the correct place, then I had set the button tab just where the instructions say to put it. Ah well, it's an easy fix, even if it's a day of knitting to be done over. So, I've set it in the correct spot and re-knit a few of the rows now.

Only thirty more rows to go (then the neckline trim, sleeves, and sleeve trim, weaving-in ends, and sewing on buttons).

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