Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Works in Progress

I missed posting last week, and thought I'd better get to it now. If it turns out I also post Friday, then great, but let's just get something up here in case I run out of time!

I've been working on a prototype for a pattern submission, and can't really share that until either someone accepts it for publication or until I self-publish it (it's one of those ones that I know will work out one way or the other).

I can though share one pattern that I'm working on writing up since I had decided to share the process of self-publishing my daughter's 'Fancy' sweater from the get go. I've let it sit around for awhile (the pattern-writing progress, not the sweater, the girl is wearing it fairly often, so it's not sitting still much), but got right back to it today. Happily, I had made good progress before taking a break for Christmas crafting, and got through a fair bit today as well.

Here's what this part of designing and pattern writing looks like at my desk (though less blurry in person):

I need to do a moderate to large amount of math for the next bit, but at least now I have it all set up so that I know where to plug my numbers in prior to proofing and such.

Speaking of renewed enthusiasm for languishing projects, I've gotten back to work on my St. Moritz sweater from Knitting It Old School, which is a book I just love. It's coming out the right size this time, and I keep trying it on as I go so that I can make adjustments as needed.

I'm hoping I can finish this one in time to wear it this weekend! Might as well aim high.


  1. Hi, Jessie--I don't mind proof-reading. I just had a pattern accepted for the Summer edition of Cast-on magazine--sent off the sweater for the photoshoot on the 15th and e-mailed the pattern on Friday. The hardest part was creating print-ready schematics--but I have that mastered.

  2. Sigrun, that would be absolutely brilliant! I'll be sending you an e-mail soon! Congrats on your pattern! Looking forward to seeing it when it comes out!