Friday, January 10, 2014

In which I Mostly Avoid Doing Things

I've been struggling to sort out what to write about this week, and coming up blank. Mostly I've been tidying and undecorating after Christmas.

Most years, at least since I took up knitting, I've started off the new year with a project for myself. Last year, I revisted an old project (but still for myself) instead of starting a new one. This year, I tried to start a new one with some Noro Silk Garden that I had kicking around, but have ripped that yarn back, and am leaving it for a better use. The colours are lovely, but became garish the way they were working into what I was making. I'm sure I will eventually find the right project for the yarn, but not today.

I might still start something new for myself, but perhaps it would be even better to make a go of that sweater still on the needles.

In the meantime, I'm swatching.

Swatching and reading blogs.

Avoiding the laundry.

None of which makes for exciting photos, though if that's what I'm still working on next week, I'll come up with photos anyway.

Also, I'm dreaming of a variety of sewing projects...

Reading Made by Rae has me thinking about quite a few things to sew for the kids, and for myself, well, McCall's 6713 has possibilities if I should get around to it!

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