Friday, December 06, 2013

Can't Walk; Running! Christmas Time's A-Comin'!

I have decided that my least favourite part of sewing is the cutting the pattern tissue pieces, pinning them to the fabric, and cutting out the pieces. Though, since I do this on the floor for the lack of a cutting table, it seems to be a good workout for the glutes and thighs...

In terms of Christmas gift progress, I have sewn a couple of things that I will show you later, have cut the pieces with the exception of interfacing for the project for my husband (even if I get no further, this commits me to finishing it, since the worst part is over). I am nearly done the first set of Pyjamas for my girls, and have cut the second ones.

Shopping is more or less done with a few exceptions. One of my daughters wants a sewing kit, so I will assemble one myself with bits and bobs from the fabric store, and some directions for simple purses (since that's mostly what she wants to make, for her friends).

Other than that, baking and candy-making are next up!

I am also making quite a few ornaments and other small things, and for that I have been working so far from Carol Meldrum's 30 Min-Knits: What Can You Knit in Half an Hour or Less?

Now, I'm sure the first thing you are wondering is: "Is the 30 minute part for real?" To which I will answer... Sort of. Each item could be knit in 30 minutes or so, but they will still require assembly afterwards. Also, the "or so" part will be particularly true for those who knit slowly, as while I'm not the fastest knitter going, I can knit with a reasonable briskness to set the needles clacking if I'm focused on a straight and simple bit, and each has so far taken closer to 40 minutes for the knitting. The patterns are for cute little things such as these:


A kitten

A Cell-Phone Case

(Trust me, they will be, at least after assembly)

I would prefer a little more detail on some of the patterns (such as whether the pattern starts from the head or tail for instance, because if you are changing the colours, you may need to know that), but on the whole, they can be figured out well enough if you've done a moderate amount of knitting prior to this.   

Either way, the things are cute, and my daughters enjoyed picking things out for their teachers!

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