Thursday, October 17, 2013

Another Quick Break from Swatching

Hi Folks,

Just realized I haven't posted in what could easily become a month before I have time for a proper post! So, since I'm very busy swatching, I'm just taking a quick moment to blog. I promise there will be Halloween Costumes for the kids, so I'll be back soon.

In the meantime though, my daughter was asking for a bonnet to wear to school. They're studying what she calls "the olden days" (more-or-less Victorian era from what I can gather from her answers to our questions), and so she wanted a bonnet.

I remembered that I had done up a prototype of a 1950s style girls winter bonnet months and months ago, but hadn't gotten around to weaving-in the ends yet.

I took a few minutes to do so, and voila, instant satisfaction for my eldest, who is ridiculously pleased with the bonnet.

And so she wore the bonnet to school, and I went back to swatching.

Which is what I should be doing now, so until sometime between now and Halloween,


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