Friday, September 27, 2013

Oh yes, a Photo!

Hello Readers,

Just taking a break from swatching to update on last week's events, specifically that the dress was completed in plenty of time, with the eye-and-hook sewn on in the morning just prior to the football tournament, and the dress worn to the dinner after.

As I didn't use my camera at all that day, here's a quick photo from yesterday:

Minor modifications made were to have the waist be one size larger than the top, darts added to the bust to nip in the armhole area that was otherwise gaping a bit, bra-cups sewn-in, and horsehair braid added like Gertie suggests.

I think that went rather well! I'm pleased with how much I'm learning about sewing from working on dresses at least once a year, and feel confident I will be sewing more dresses in future!

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