Wednesday, September 04, 2013

In which the sweater, ever nearing completion, is still cream-coloured, so a few fall flowers are added to the post for colour

 Last night at bedtime I suddenly wondered if I had enough yarn to finish the sweater. Luckily enough, I was tired enough to sleep anyhow, and wait until morning to find out. In the morning I found three things: 1. & 2. Two more skeins of yarn, and 3. That I had knit nine rows past where I needed to start the decreases for the yoke, thus ensuring that I had plenty of yarn after all.

I sat down after making my eldest's lunch for her, and threaded my circular needles through the row I wanted to pull back to. After getting back from the trip to the bus, I ripped it back and started the decreases.

Well, after spending a bit of time in the backyard with my youngest, who, seeing me taking photos of the flowers, wanted to take a photo of Slimy Worm. I merely steadied the camera.

My youngest really got tired of trying on the sweater today, which is something that I needed her to do every five rounds or so until I was satisfied that we had reached the neckline!

I wanted the neckline to end in picots as well, since the hem and cuffs have them, and always thought I could just cast off that way. I tried it, tried it with larger picots, tried it again with the regular sized ones, then tried two sizes of crocheted picots, didn't much like them, then went with the regular ones again. By now it was time to pick up my eldest at the bus stop, so I brought my knitting with me, merrily knitting picots on the way there in the blazing heat (it went up to 32 degrees Celsius from what I heard), and while standing in what shade I could find from a cotoneaster bush that was not quite tall enough for that purpose.

Of course, after all that, I had to change my mind again. The edge was curling outwards way too much, so I decided to just use the same method as I had for the cuffs and hem (it would match better that way anyhow), and pulled it back and got a start on that before the bus arrived.

After walking home, a trip to the store to buy fennel, and a lovely dinner (my husband made two salads, just the thing for such a hot night, one a watermelon and fennel salad, the other a quinoa, corn, and bean salad, and had prepped most of it before I got the fennel home), I finished up the collar while supervising homework.

 I think the girls might even be asleep by now, but I've no energy for sewing the hems and grafting the underarms tonight. I think I can get through that easily enough by the weekend.

The embroidery could possibly even happen before Monday, though it's hard to say; it really depends on what she decides she wants on the sweater... It does keep changing, but is always faaaaancy!

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