Friday, August 23, 2013

Progress, such as it is...

When last I wrote, I was sorting out how to plan the sweater sleeves for my design-in-progress. Being too busy with my day-to-day tasks to sit down and just sort it out, I was just not getting around to it, and nothing definitive came to mind while I was busy with laundry, newsletters, e-mails, back-to-school shopping, grocery shopping, and helping to keep the kids from going stir-crazy.

All it takes sometimes is to slow down and work with your resources, and so I took a nice long bath with Elizabeth Zimmermann. Or rather, one of her books. Looking through EZ's work was an absolute delight as always, and even better when the problem I'm pondering has been presented so pleasingly as a set of percentages. The seamless yoke sweater turned out to be ideal for this design's needs, so, post bath, I measured the girl, did the math, and wrote out my notes for the sleeves.

I would have cast on the sleeves by now except for this:

De-tangling now in progress! Thankfully, while my eldest starts school straight away in September, my youngest has an extra week before her first day, giving me a bit more time.

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