Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Mind at Ease

What on earth is this, you may well ask!

It's rather clever and only a slight pain-in-the-neck.

It looks as much like an insect or a funny skiing guy as anything.

It's the shoulder straps, neckline, and armhole trim for the Admiral's Knot Halter by Ashley Rao.

Unfortunately, the completed project is way too big on me. I'd show you how big, but my camera has gone walkabout.

I swatched, and things look fine gauge-wise, but it looks like I should have picked the smallest size instead of the third size, what with the stretch in the cotton and the shaping taking care of any other issues. I could have done additional shaping if needed from there. It's a bit longer than  I'd like too, but again, size small would have handled that. I would have liked to have had ease information included in the pattern, as that may have helped me choose a better size; though nothing is foolproof of course, and I do feel rather a fool for not ignoring that "it's the wrong size" feeling at the back of my mind throughout.

Oh well, It might fit someone else I know, otherwise, I will have to pull it apart and knit something else. As much as I like the idea of this tank, I think I'd rather knit a quicker tank if I was to knit it all over again. Once was quite enjoyable though!

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