Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Buzz, Buzz!

As in, busy as a bee.

I can hardly believe it's been nearly a month since my last post, but between the kids' activities (dance, soccer, and I'm a coach for one of them), and the demands of my Gaelic Football club, we're very busy indeed, leaving not much time for blogging!

There's been not that much time for knitting either, but I'm getting a bit done while icing my knees (nothing terribly serious, I think, just inflamed and achy and stiff from all the football and the soccer coaching).

I'm taking a break from most of my projects to whip up a tank-top. I seldom if ever do summer knitting (it's not summer long enough to bother here), but when the latest Interweave Knits issue arrived, I found the Admiral's Knot Halter by Ashley Raoto be tempting enough to start nearly straight away. It helps that I had some yarn (Patons' Grace) that would work for it that I've always wanted to make a top from (OK, so less than a full ball, but it was the same colour, and I love it, so why not pick up some more)? I just need to hold it double for the trim, and it seems to be working alright so far.

I've been enjoying the last month or so despite the crazyness, but am looking forward to July, which looks fairly calm from this far away!

I haven't been out in the garden much either, other than to cut the lawn, but the dandelions are awful, awful, awful.

Luckily, the lupins are lovely, and so are the irises, so I'll leave you with that for today!

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