Friday, September 28, 2012

WIP it Good

I always have a lot of projects on the go, but it seems like more than usual of late. Perhaps it's the end of football season that makes me think I have more time. I do have a bit more time, but I've since said 'sure I can do that' to a number of things that are sort of football-related, I should admit that I do seem to fill up any time that I have up to the brim.

I thought it was time for a Works-In-Progress tour (and had so many that I managed to forget a few while I was snapping the first set of photos)!

First off, the dress that, being way sexier than the other projects, keeps trumping them:

This is a pattern that Vogue has reproduced from one that had originally been published in 1935, (v2859), and I still have the side facings/extensions, straps, snaps, and hem to get to work on. It's for a party I'm attending next week, so I'd better get a move on!

The garden is always a work-in-progress, but I'd better plant these (Lavender, quite root-bound, but it was just a dollar, and Japanese Irises from my Mother-in-Law) while there's still time! I also bought more mulch, so hopefully I can finish mulching the veggie bed, and add a bit more to the island beds in the front.

Recover the kitchen chairs! I have all the supplies, but getting around to this is pretty difficult when there's a dress to sew.

Pencil case for my younger daughter. All the pieces are cut, all that needs doing is fusing, pinning, sewing. Maybe in a couple of months...

Here, I'm knitting a dog out of goat. This orange mohair will be an Irish Setter for my youngest (who I also owe a sweater to, come to think of it, but let's get through a few more things first).

This sweater for me (St. Moritz from Knitting it Old School) is on a time-out right now. It's coming out too large. I think there's an easy fix (going back four rows and reducing the cast-on-for-the-front part a bit), but a feeling that it might take a complete start-over is keeping me from getting going again in the meantime.

Tabi Socks (by Veronik Avery), definitely a second-sock-syndrome victim. I'll get to it though...

Right after I finish four more baby hats for all these friends that are expecting!

There are also three to five design projects not included in the photos. It feels so good to be designing again! Hopefully these will go along as happily as planned, and then I will be able to share them in the future!

As to what I can actually get through today, does laundry count as a WIP? How about the mending pile?

I start each day with big plans, but we'll see what a week or so can do!

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