Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Back to Fall

My absence from the Blog is not just from actually knitting more (though I have been), but due to computer issues (it stopped working, and it took a couple of weeks for the new one to be set up, and a bit longer to get all organized).

However, I'm back, and am happy to say that I have finished my daughter's 'back to school' sweater, though only just now, so just in time for fall, anyhow.

We've been wearing sweaters in the morning, and then it's hot in the afternoon, but that walk to the bus was actually quite chilly yesterday! Very nearly mitten weather...

The sweater is the Tomboy Cardigan by Elena Nodel, knit with Phildar Tweedy in Loden.

Other than going with the long-sleeve version, I've also  reinforced the button-holes with blanket stitch, and at a friend's excellent suggestion, reinforced the back just under the collar with a touch of bias tape to avoid stretching.

Also, this should protect the sweater a bit if she is hanging it on any hooks. Plus, I can write her last name on it in case she forgets it at school.
She is pleased. And why shouldn't she be? She picked the yarn and pattern. I take credit for the knitting, and for picking the cute buttons though!

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