Monday, November 14, 2011

Unsurprisingly: Knitting

It snowed here the other day. It's actually rather late for the first snowfall of the season, but you won't find anyone complaining about that. It's even been rather nice out, so my husband and daughter went out and made a snowman. It was perfect snowman snow, but just not very much of it.

My younger daughter also needed a neckwarmer, but didn't want her picture taken, so here it is:

I knit this in about two days, using a cable-and-twist rib, and also Bamboo Ewe yarn from Stitch Nation. Nice and soft and cozy. This neckwarmer is nowhere near so oversized as the last one!

Since it is chilly out, I do feel rather compelled to get some work done on my husband's sweater. He is really hoping to get to wear it before it gets warm out again sometime in May, and I think I can manage that, though I'm not entirely sure if I can finish it in 2011. I probably could if there was no Christmas knitting, but I do have a wee bit of that (only a wee bit, this year, mind. I do want to knit myself some sweaters, so I need to clear the queue a little).

Here, from about a month ago, is my husband modelling the extent of his sweater at the time:

Here's what I have accomplished since then on the body of the cardigan:

I have gotten a good start on the as-I-go pockets (more details in this post), which you can spot from the lime-green cotton that is a crocheted provisional cast-on. Later, I'll either graft the pocket bottoms and tops shut, or use a three-needle bind-off to accomplish the same thing.

Today is laundry day, and baking day, so I won't have much time for knitting, but I hope to sneak in a row or two during a meeting tonight, as I'm not in charge of minutes for this one. Despite how long it takes to get through a row of pocket-in-progress sweater, I'm finding this work strangely compelling; I can't wait to see how the pockets look once they're finished!

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