Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Socks!

I finally finished knitting knee-highs for myself!

I bought this yarn (Schaefer Yarn Company Anne) so very long ago, that I don't think I had taken up knitting yet (it was going to be for a Tunisian crochet project, but I changed my mind later). Or, at least it seems a long time ago, as my five-year old was then a one-year-old.

It has also been awhile since I started this project, that being June 2010.

Of course, I had not been working on it steadily, but kept putting it down again and again.

I wrote the pattern so that I could make sure they fit my calves well (and they do), but apparently forgot to re-read the section on decreases for the second sock, and ended up with them backwards (that’s what I get for looking at the other sock for reference, then forgetting that I should turn it upside down to work from the same point).

So, one sock has elegant calf-decreases, and the other one has odd-looking calf-decreases, but at least I can tell right from left if it turns out that one fits better on one leg than the other (I haven't noticed it with these, but it has come up before).

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