Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chequey Potholders

This is just to say that I have a new pattern available for those who would like to crochet and felt some chequered potholders.

Chequey are a pair of potholders, crocheted in four pieces using a combination of tapestry crochet and intarsia, then crocheted together in two sets and felted.

I had seen some knitted ones like these, but then thought, hey, that would be way easier in crochet, with less ends to weave-in if I could just use tapestry crochet to set up the colour changes instead of cutting the yarn and shuffling it over.

It works, and makes nice, thick, fire-resistant potholders.

Since there didn't seem to be a pattern quite like this out there for crochet, I decided to go ahead and make one. The Chequey potholders are now available via Ravelry, for 2$ Canadian. Enjoy!

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