Friday, March 25, 2011

In Which a Sock-Related Epiphany Occurs, a Scarf is Crocheted, and a Pattern Included

About a month ago, my husband observed something more or less like "you don't like knitting socks," which rather surprised me. Of course I like knitting socks. I have several socks on the go, I buy sock yarn, I really love turning heels and finishing toes.  So, it's not that I don't like knitting socks, but, I do have to admit, he has a point. I apparently don't love knitting them as much as I think I do if you actually look at the amount of zeal I put into knitting all my other projects, and the incredibly long time it takes me to get through a pair of socks (since I leave them to languish for weeks at a time without attention).  I still intend to knit socks, and I still enjoy knitting socks, and still have several sock patterns in the queue, but I realize now that I really don't need to have more than one sock-in-progress at a time, and I don't need to use all my sock yarn for socks (unless I want to).

I have a nice little Zauberball hanging about, that was bought for making socks, and certainly didn't get knit into St. Patrick's Day socks as intended. The other day I decided that not only am I not going to knit that Zauberball into socks, but I'm not going to knit it at all. I'm crocheting it into a Boteh Scarf (by Kathy Merrick), and a lovely thing it is too.

I'll be sure to take some better pictures to show it off properly once it's finished.  I'm really enjoying the process, and it's hard to put it down to do things like eat dinner, but it works up quickly, so be sure I won't starve in the meantime.

It's so very nice to do a spot of crochet now and again, and it reminded me that it's Crochet Month (at least, it is in the States, I'm not so sure about up here in Canada), and so why don't I add a crochet pattern to the blog? Now, I've had this pattern available on Ravelry for some time, but thought just the other day that perhaps a few readers would like to see it here too.

So, without further ado, here are a set of Tapestry Dice Bags (though, to be sure, you could use them for marbles or any other sort of treasure), just right for your favourite gaming group (we've been known to pull out the GURPS books, or even a bit of DnD now and again), and really, what mage doesn't need a dice bag adorned with fireballs?

Hope you enjoy them; happy crochet month!
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