Thursday, November 25, 2010

In Which Christmas Activities Begin in Earnest

Here's what I'm up to today:

Christmas baking; in this case, Cardamom-spiced cookies which I'll ask the kids' help in dipping into chocolate later.  They're supposed to be shaped like shells, but I don't have the right attachment for piping them.  This is too bad, but they'll taste just the same (very tasty; I checked).

Crochet!  I really enjoyed getting a bit of crocheting in, and am looking forward to seeing how this works when it's sewn up.  I'm going to leave this one all mysterious-looking until I finish sewing it up later, so I'll post again about this one when it's complete.
I'm hoping to finish up a spot of embroidery today so I can get sewing later tonight.  This one is just a sneak peek; after Christmas I'll show it off. 

I'm hoping to fit in a lot of crafting and baking this weekend, and should have some time today.  Aside from a spot of kitchen cleaning (after dipping the cookies in chocolate, bien sûr), there's not much going on.  Of course, as the weather is nice (+1!), I should definitely bring the kids out to play, craft time or not.  I'm sure I can bring out another crochet project in case the kids entertain themselves while we're out.

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