Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Perspective of Time

I seem to be allergic to Angora.  My sinuses get all grouchy with me after a mere minute or so of winding the stuff.  The upside (besides being nearly done winding the yarn) is that the scarf it is intended for is not intended for me.  It may take me a long time to make the scarf (a few rows here, a few there), but I can get it done anyhow.

I've started work on the Lake Louise tuque, and, as is usual with colourwork, I'm having trouble putting it down for more than a minute or two.  With this sort of project, the knitting appears to go quickly, almost taking no time at all.  The first try was actually a wee bit too large, but it seems about right now, and having corrected some minor math mistakes related to how to use the chart properly, am now chugging along nicely, and could probably even finish it if I didn't have many other things to work on. 

I went out to get some yardwork done yesterday, but was very nearly defeated by the weed-ridden state of the front yard.  This, coupled with the realization that there are only a few more weeks to get any serious yardwork done and that I have a limited budget for mulch (and so won't be able to cover all the beds I want to cover), was nearly enough to make me give up for the season.  In the end, I did eventually get back out to start digging a spot for a new tree that some friends of the family are kindly donating to our yard.  I'm trying to remember to focus on small bits at a time, but the yard came with so very many weeds when we bought the house, and it gets a bit overwhelming at times.  To remind myself of what time and effort can accomplish, here's a time-lapse series of what we did accomplish with the planter by the garage, starting with a large and boring wall, and ending with something rather nice:

There, that feels better.

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