Thursday, September 09, 2010

For Dad

A little bit of bragging about Dad: He's running an ultra-marathon this weekend, I believe in the 100 mile race.  This won't be his first ultra-marathon, having run many 50 kilometre plus races over the last few years, and not his first 100 mile race either, having run the Western States 100 miles a couple of months ago.  So, all the best to him as he competes tomorrow, running for a full day.  When I say full day, I mean more or less 24 hours; last year's 100 mile first place runner finished in just under 23 hours, and last year's 100 kilometer first place runner (my dad, by the way) finished in just over 13 hours.  I can't really imagine running that long myself, but I'm in awe, and darn proud of him too.

Anyway, regardless of how many hours he does run tomorrow, I'm sure we all agree he deserves a fancy tuque for his birthday next month (I just couldn't resist posting it right away now that I'm done). Here's the 8501-1 Lake Louise 2001  Tuque by Dale of Norway / Dale Design.  If he doesn't want tassels, they're easy enough to remove, but I do think they look rather jaunty.

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