Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In Which a Few Things That Were Almost Forgotten are Shared

So, I just remembered that I never did share that Rock Band costume (with the crocheted gloves) from that party last month.  I almost chickened out of posting it, but, well, here it is.  Not bad for thrown together at the last moment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       More quick sharing of well-after-the-fact information: Back on the August long weekend, my Gaelic Football team (Edmonton Wolfe Tones) beat the Calgary team 6-3 to 0-1 (that translates to 21-1).  Of course, Vancouver did in turn beat us (even though they were short-handed).  They have some amazing players, and they definitely train together a lot.  I can't remember by how much they won exactly, but while decisive, it was not by a terribly large amount.  We had a great time playing in both those matches and the mixed scrimmage the next day.  I'm very proud of how our team has come together this year, playing for the sheer joy of it but with a determination to improve our skills and play together well as a team.  I think we accomplished our goals quite well this year, and will hopefully bring that same philosophy to bear when we meet Calgary to vie for the Alberta Cup. 

Bonus violets
Along the same lines (sharing, not football), I also had a number of photos I took in the garden a few weeks ago that I meant to share, so here they are as well:

I'm so excited!  There are actual berries on the Lingonberry plant.  That would be a first, and I've had them for a few years.  They're not really in a sunny enough spot, so I'm not too surprised that they hadn't produced berries, but I'm anticipating these and hope they ripen well.

Daylily: Hemerocallis 'Purple D'Oro'
 I should really get back to work now, but those photos had been nagging at me to give them a chance on the blog, so here they are.  I'm hoping to finish a few more projects, so hopefully I'll have more crafting to share soon.

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