Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In Which we Return to Matters of the Garden, and we Discover that the Cucumber Plant is Indeed Alive

I love it when full summer hits my garden.  It's full of colour, the flowers are mostly bigger than the weeds, and there is even some food to harvest, as long as my daughter hasn't already eaten it out of the garden.  I never did see those strawberries ripen; I hope they were at least rosy when she ate them.

The hops are still trying to take over the world, but will probably only succeed in garage-related conquest.

 Plants I started from seed are thriving (well, except for the early casualties to late May snow, and we won't even talk about the morning glories).
Best of all, the cucumber plant (the only one of the cucumber seedlings that survived to be planted), survived two weeks of neglect to produce at least two cucumbers.


  1. Your hops are frightening O_O I'd worry about them jumping you from behind as you walk past.

  2. Actually, yes, I'm starting to find them frightening too, especially after spending the last hour or so watching it's tendrils (or is that tentacles...) waving in the breeze.