Saturday, July 24, 2010

Crochet to Rock With

My friend is having a Rock Band party for her birthday, and the other day, my sister (who is also going) reminded me that we were supposed to dress accordingly in Rock Persona costumes.  My husband still isn't sure what he's going to wear, but I'm wearing my little black dress with some lacy black tights that my husband found for me, and I'm finishing off the outfit with more makeup and hair-product than I ever use, and a set of Ladylike Lace Gloves by MK Carroll.
Now, I only had a few hours today and a few hours yesterday to whip these up, so I made an abbreviated version with lots of modifications to make these speedy while trying to keep in touch with the quidditas of the original.  So, instead of enjoying the clever short-row shaping, I omitted it since these don't actually cover the wrists now that I made them slightly less than half the length.  
I grabbed some Patons Grace out of my stash, and did enough repeats of the lace pattern from the Ladylike Lace Gloves to fit around the hand (so the palm is the same as the back instead of half-double crochet).  I then seamed them with the final row of single crochet working inside out between the back loop of one row and the front row of the other side.  I skipped making a thumb by simply keeping to the back-loop-only side for the space I needed for the thumb, then back to seaming for the last three stitches.  
They still needed a bit of something, so I made a scalloped edge along the lower half (after turning them right-side out), and then edged the top.  I wove in ends, and that was all.  So, in less than four hours, I have a set of fingerless gloves that, while nowhere near as elegant as the original, nonetheless rock.  

I might even share a photo or two of the full costume if the pictures turn out OK.  Speaking of pictures, I must say, it's really hard to take pictures of your hands without using your hands.

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