Tuesday, May 04, 2010

In Which I Try to Catch up on the Last Week

A Few Days Ago

Of course, snow in May is nothing new, but the sheer fury of the wind, sleet, and snow today has been something to behold.  My seedlings have a bit of a wait yet, which is why I waited so long to start them.  Here are the Morning Glories:

And also, a few things I've finished.

I've finished secret project number one, but since it's still secret, here's another wee peek:
 Secret project number two gets some attention as well, but is rather behind, and I'm worried it may not fit the recipient, so I'll test that out and decide the fate of this project later.  Thank Goodness for plan Bs.

I've been sewing (apparently, the secret to improving and increasing my sewing is to give me my own sewing room with a spot to put the ironing board so I have no excuse not to press things right away as needed), and have finished both of the girls' dresses (OK, so the younger daughter has to wait for the button and loop on hers, but she didn't really want to wear it today anyway).

My older daughter had great fun posing and twirling in her new dress, though I must say that the removable felt flowers didn't stay on for very long.

Both dresses are from Absolutely A-Line by Wendi Gratz, and I am really enjoying the book.

I've been working on my husband's vest as well, so hopefully I'll have that done soon, or at least for Father's Day (since I originally planned it for that date last year).

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  1. I enjoyed my first visit to your blog. The sewing brings back fond memories of sewing I did fgfor my own children many years ago. Amazing about all the snow you had. We're only 50 miles NE and had only a skiff--melted on contact, but the wind is brutal. The plants in our greenhouses are really craving some sunlight.