Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sponge Toffee and Cupcakes

My husband and I whipped up a batch of Sponge Toffee (using the recipe in the current Canadian Living holiday recipe book edition), and are very glad indeed that we did.  Here it is cooling:

We might dip the toffee bits in chocolate, but then gain, we might not.  Hopefully there's some left for Christmas.

 I whipped up a cupcake pincushion for a friend of mine who quilts.  (Bernat Cotton, Pattern: Quick Cupcake by Hannah Kaminsky ) I do enjoy crocheting and am always happy to remember how fun and quick it is.  I have two more crochet projects left for Christmas, and four Knitting projects (two of which are in the 'if I have time' category, so we'll see how things go).  I should try to remember to crochet some play-food for the kids one of these days; my youngest really wants this cupcake.

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