Monday, January 30, 2017

December Pattern Releases (In January...)

Hi, I've been away for a bit, mostly in order to keep hard at work meeting a deadline, and then a wee vacation after that. In the meantime, in December there were two new pattern releases to let you know about!

First, the Tricycle Track Mittens:

Photo by Dan Walmsley for Practical Publishing, used with permission.

Tricycle Track mittens, so called for the three stripes of garter stitch that resemble treads, are available in Issue 68 of Knit Now Magazine, which you can purchase here! The mittens are worked cuff-up in the round, using Knit Picks City Tweed DK.

Second, Nor Good Red Herring.

I started this one a long time ago, but finished it up in time to be my last pattern release of 2016. Nor Good Red Herring was inspired by a herringbone pattern from a Dutch fishing gansey, but has here been transposed onto a circular yoke more in keeping with an Icelandic-style sweater, and worked in a luxurious English-spun merino yarn—making it neither fish, nor fowl, nor good red herring. The herringbone pattern runs not only around the yoke, but also up the sides and mirrored on the sleeves. This pullover is worked in Yarn Stories Fine Merino 4ply, and can be purchased here.

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