Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Gift-a-Long Design Tour of Canada: Ontario Part 2!

Up next on our photo tour of Canadian Design: Ontario Part 2: Toronto and South of Toronto.

Please note that this list may not be exhaustive; it's a big event, and I may have missed someone, particularly if they did not pin themselves to the event map that you can check out in the Gift-a-Long group.

So, here are a few excellent designers you should know about if you don't already from Ontario. This is just a small sampling of designs, so please follow the links to see more of their work and to purchase patterns:

Raven Knits Design
Picea Sitchensis © Raven Knits Design

Battle Cry Gauntlets © Raven Knits Design

Fathom Five Shipwreck Cowl © Raven Knits Design

Tabi Ferguson

Socks of Ceylon © tabi

Clouds of Luxury Fingerless Gloves © tabi

Off the Rails © tabi

Jennifer Knight

Stacked Timber © jknightknits

Stones on the Beach Cowl © jknightknits

Walking Cables Hat © jknightknits

Janelle Martin

Iced Experiment © Janelle Martin

Granular Ribs Cowl © Janelle Martin

Haptitude Shawl © Janelle Martin

Kathleen Sperling

Balthazar's Jumper Socks © Kathleen Sperling

Jianzhi © Kathleen Sperling

Old-Freshened © Kathleen Sperling

Next up: Last post is a visit to Quebec and Newfoundland!

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