Friday, July 22, 2016

Actual knitting content!

I've just last week finished a long series of work projects that started back in December, and I'm very much ready for a vacation. Very, very much. So much that even planning fun things, or adding anything to the to-do list fills me with dread, and enough that making simple decisions is difficult. Obviously I need a proper break, so I'm taking one. I've promised myself and my family that for the following week, I am not doing any work knitting, not even swatching. The fun knitting for the next while is this:

Left to right: Handspun (socks to be), thrummed mittens (1 of 2), stranded mittens (1 of 2), Nephew sweater (needs weaving-in ends, also needs buttons), socks (1 of 2). Will check notes so I can have all pattern names available here on a follow-up post in a few weeks once I've recuperated a bit more!

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