Sunday, May 22, 2016

Jasper Trip

A week ago, I went on a knitting retreat to Jasper.


We stayed in cabins near Miette Hot Springs, and had a lovely dinner Friday night, and met with knitters and spinners from Edmonton, Jasper, Hinton, Edson, and other areas. I had a great time meeting so many great people, and enjoyed my first ever event as a vendor. I sold my patterns in hard-copy format, and really enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere and all the support from my fellow knitters and spinners.

I mostly indulged in spinning on the weekend (after all, knitting really has become my job, so spinning felt like more of a vacation), but also went for a nice little hike up to and beyond the source of the hot springs with Alison of Dandelion Fuzzies. There is nothing quite like hiking with an indie yarn dyer to explore all the colour and texture in our surroundings! She dyed the pink silk that I started spinning Saturday night.

I took almost no pictures of actual knitting and spinning, mostly because I was too busy spinning, visiting, laughing, and enjoying myself, but I did get some nice (phone camera) pictures outside, including a few snaps of Bighorn Sheep, and one of a Black Bear that Alison snapped for me (from the safety of the car and a good distance of the bear, who thankfully showed no particular interest in us. Trust me, if it had, we would have continued driving without a pause).

The best bit was definitely the potluck dinner on Saturday night; lots of thanks to the wonderful women that hosted!


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