Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sixth Sock Syndrome

In May 2014, I started to knit neon socks for my nephew and my two daughters. I finished the first set (nephew) in July of that year, the second pair, for my youngest, in February of this year, and am half-way through the second of my eldest's socks, having turned the heel and picked up the gusset stitches last night.

(I'm apparently enough used to pattern writing at the moment that I have to remind myself not to use pattern abbreviations in my blog; I nearly wrote "pu gusset sts")

Now, being bored of the pattern and not wanting to knit the second sock in a set (or at least, not as much as wanting to knit the first sock in another set) is common enough to be referred to as Second Sock Syndrome, but this is now the sixth sock in the same pattern. I'm wishing now that I hadn't left the largest size for last. At least there is one change, and that's the contrasting colour. We were running out of green, so I suggested a few options, and my daughter went with just switching to pink for the second colour for the second sock.

The colours really are at least as bright as they show up in the photos too!

What I'd really like to get working on is the mittens that my eldest picked out (the pattern that she wants is Tiny Dogs Mittens, which feature Chihuahuas), and as it's getting slightly chilly, I'd best get on with it. However, the needles I need are currently occupied with the sock, so I'm suddenly very interested in finishing this sock by the end of the weekend (work projects allowing).

Spinning-wise, I've finished up the 'Chaos Theory' Polwarth roving from Sea Turtle Design!

I enjoyed trying out chain plying, and managed to only snap my singles once while I was trying to fix a stray loop that got away from me. My yarn came out at approximately sport weight, and there's probably around 240 metres of it. After a bit of browsing, I've queued up the Reeds and Rushes Cowl, as I think it will do nicely for showing off the yarn with a little bit of added texture. No rush to get started though; I'm enjoying having the yarn hanging around the living room where I can admire it in the meantime.

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