Friday, May 22, 2015

Soccer, Soccer, Soccer, Soccer, Soccer, Soccer, Soccer

Nothing to see here today; it's all just soccer, soccer, soccer. The Women's World Cup (which my country and city will be hosting soon) has not even started yet, but every day is soccer. We'll be heading to one of the World Cup matches, which will be exciting, but in the meantime, tonight's a double-header. First my daughter's team plays, then I do, then each of them have soccer on the weekend before next week's soccer schedule starts up. I'm coaching one daughter's team, and assistant-coaching the other as well as playing on my team, so it's soccer, soccer, soccer all week.

As much as I love soccer, I can't wait until July.

I do have plans to at least work on my Firth Waves cushion this week, so um, photos soonish? I hope?

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