Monday, March 16, 2015

In Which There are a Couple of Finished Things

Over the weekend, I finished a couple of things.

I washed up the finished sampling of Wensleydale, resulting in the wee little skein here:

It has a definite lustre to it, and is quite pleasant to the touch despite it's sturdy characteristics. I was trying to spin the singles a bit thicker, but despite my best efforts to produce a light fingering will have to declare this one a laceweight. I think a three-ply version of this would be lovely for the mittens in my imagination, so I'll be keeping that in mind for a future shopping trip where I see Wensleydale available. Some day when I get around to swatching this, I'll post photos of that as well.

I also finished the Byatt by Karie Westermann. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, despite the low yardage from the burgundy-coloured yarn I had in the stash that resulted in less of the stripey section. I was a bit concerned that the extra repeats of the lace section would look out of balance, but judging from this version and from several other versions I've seen in Karie's Ravelry group, the shawl adapts nicely to varying sets of repeats. I particularly like the version that used an additional shade of purple for the later repeats of the stripey section! 

My kids have been borrowing the shawl for a blanket, and I currently have it draped over the back of my chesterfield. I wore it a lot yesterday morning before the house warmed up, and it really did the trick!


  1. What type of fibre is this?! it looks like mohair. I do not the name of which you refer to!

  2. Hi Vici! It does look rather like mohair, doesn't it? It's from a Wensleydale sheep, which has quite long locks. I've heard of it being blended with mohair too. I found a pretty good photo at this link: