Friday, November 28, 2014

Tired, but Cheerful

A few days ago, I finished up a sample for a third-party publication, which means I can't tell you a thing about it until summer sometime, except for this one thing: I am so very tired still.

It was a lot of work, and I feel quite lucky to have had a friend lend me her swift to wind the yarn. This really sped things up. I wound some Socks That Rock (colour: Gingerbread Dude) while I was at it, and may just cast that on for my New Year's project on January 1st.

I've been trying to make myself take the rest of the week off, but I'm not very good at that. I started on a plan for another project proposal, and tried to get a bit of paperwork done that I really could probably leave until next week. I'm mostly taking the time off to get a few things done around the house, but being way too tired to do much, I'm trying to stick with the essentials.

So that means laundry, and, particularly yesterday and today, shoveling snow. There's lots of snow. Not insane amounts, but it's a fair bit all at once. Today, I dropped off the kids at school (there's no such thing as a snow day usually, as snow is just plain normal here. I remember there being about one ever when I was in elementary school.), then picked up a few groceries and took a quick trip to the fabric store. This took me quite awhile, as the roads were iffy enough to slow us to a crawl, but safe enough so long as we did all slow down, keep our distances from each other, and watch out for the snowplows. The main thing was digging out the driveway and walkways when I got back, and now I want to do nothing at all.

In other news, my daughter has revived her interest in her doll quilt! She's finished sewing the rectangles together by hand, so tomorrow or Sunday we'll get ourselves down to the sewing machine to sew the long seams (and tidy any of the short ones that need tidying). I think we'll head out sometime to pick up a fat quarter for the backing, and we'll keep on going from there.


  1. I love to see the little ones learning handicraft skills. You'll have to let me know the new project thing. DH worked most of the day in the yard (farmyard), so I cleaned a path around the big wraparound deck so we can get to the bird feeders. the road outside out driveway hasn't been plowed, so we can't go anywhere. Will work on my submission. I started an e-mail with questions, saved it in drafts, and will add as ?? come up.

  2. Sounds like a good plan for while you're snowed-in!
    The project is in the very early stages, but will of course let you know if it comes to anything. I hope to have more photos soon of my little one's quilt project; it does my heart good to see how much she enjoys it!