Friday, October 31, 2014

Quick Halloween Photos

I finished sewing (at least the important parts) of my daughter's costume last night while my husband and kids were carving the pumpkin. Sorry for the poor quality of the photos; no natural light at all during prime photo-taking time during the next several months, I'm afraid.

As I mentioned before, she's going as a lion. The pattern is McCall's M6106, and was pretty simple to sew (except for the part where fun fur is involved, and I seriously question the "fun" part). It was a fair bit of work to cut out the pieces, but thankfully, my Mom had suggested I bring the work down last weekend when we went to visit, and we cut them out together.

I still have to whip up the spats and mittens (well-worth it, as it's fairly chilly here today), but am having trouble talking myself into getting around to it. I'm working on work knitting instead, so it's fairly easy to justify putting off finishing the sewing. I shall finish it before dinner at any rate.

I stopped short of including the fur bands around the ankles (see again part about fun fur being not fun), but got through the rest anyhow, and my little lion thinks it's purrrrrfect.

They were to dress at school today, so I only did their makeup this morning, and don't have full proper pictures of my lion and zombie (the zombie put together her own costume!), but should have some by tomorrow at any rate, posted by Monday if not sooner.

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