Friday, September 26, 2014

All Over the Place

I've recently finished up one thing, and am waiting for yarn for another thing, so I've been catching up on this and that. I don't mind waiting, but because the yarn could be here in the evening of any given day, I don't really want to start anything new. But then, I'm feeling just antsy enough that I can't really settle to anything in particular either, so nothing has really gotten done either. Of course, the fact that I've had a cold all week hasn't really helped in that department, as I really don't feel like doing much of anything, but have had just enough to do that I didn't really feel like I could take a full day off at any point.

This is apparently what happens in this scenario:

Finished sock one, started sock two, started ignoring sock two:

Finished spinning my singles, finished the first ply for half of them, wound a plying ball for the other half, ignoring them now because it will take too long to ply the second set and I just want to move on to the final ply (I'm making a cabled yarn, so the two two-plys will be plied together).

Finished the collar on Oranje; but now I have to weave-in ends.

Really, I'm quite excited about moving on to the finishing parts of Oranje, but as it has to have the ends woven-in and the whole thing blocked before I can move on to preparing it for steeking, the fact that I can't get it done in a day lessens my enthusiasm for weaving-in ends. Of course, I'm never that enthusiastic for weaving-in ends, so Oranje is sitting for now. If no yarn arrives tonight though, I'll have the whole weekend plus Monday available, so I think I can talk myself into renewed enthusiasm if that is the case.

If the yarn comes, then this weekend = swatch, revise charts as needed, pattern writing, and sample knitting. Really, it's a good outlook for the weekend either way, but for today, with the gloomy rain outside (which never usually bothers me, but today it does), aside from some much-needed housework, I'm playing some more with those Rainbow Leicester Locks:

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