Wednesday, August 27, 2014

In Which Designing is Found to be Much Like Juggling

This last week has been a busy design week. I'm somewhere in the middle of most of the different stages of design. I have one third party publication design where I've approved the proofs, and all I have to do is wait another several months to shout about it being published. I have another third party publication design where I'm in the middle of reviewing the proofs. There's an accepted commission for which the yarn is in the mail, and I'm doing the prep work while waiting for the yarn to arrive so I can make a new swatch and get a few more details straightened out. There's a couple of on the shelf ideas waiting for a slow period so I can get them organized for self-publication. There's a submission that I'm waiting to hear about, and there's a submission that I'm mailing off today. Juggling anyone?

Photos for any of these designs will be a little while yet in coming of course, but it's still keeping me pretty busy!

Luckily, I still have photos to share, since I finished up a baby tuque and mittens:

The pattern is Chocqua by Amanda Keeys, and was knit up with Knit Picks Swish, which I keep on hand for baby knits. Wool that is soft and washable is my favourite for babies. What yarn do you like for baby knits? I'm always happy to expand my baby knits stash!

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